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Lori Teacher One Flow Yoga


I thank the Universe for guiding me to the practice of yoga. I am so grateful for every experience I have had with it—both on and off my mat.

Initially, I practiced to relax.

I was not looking for a fitness program because I already had my regime.

What I needed was a calming influence in my life and a new branch on my spiritual path. I tried several studios that emphasized the physical fitness benefits of yoga—which are transformative and certainly refreshing.

And I felt in my heart there was more as I started to naturally feel a greater sense of ease (or was it bliss?) appearing in my life.

Eventually I was lucky enough to find One Flow, where I was introduced to the practice in all of its glory. I fell in love with the philosophy of yoga, and began to be more loving with my Self, more honest about how I was feeling, as well as how I was reacting to and living my life. My eyes, heart, and mind were wide open, and I can never close them again.

I teach yoga because the practice revolutionized my life, and has inspired me to love more fully and with a deeper sense of gratitude. I hope to inspire you in the same way, and perhaps find within yourself a more profound sense of peace, grace, and patience.

I’m here to help you discover and experience whatever it is that you need…to serve you, and offer a safe, loving place to express your most divine self.

The classes I offer are vigorous, and high-spirited—in all of its meanings. I hope to challenge you to connect with your breath, body, and most importantly, soul.

Yoga can be your path to turn inwards, and to find and nurture the strength that is already within you.