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One Flow Yoga Teacher Sam


I was a fat kid.

My casting in the school play was Santa Claus because I already fit the costume.

The regular ridicule and bullying did their work as I became ashamed of my body, convinced it was good for nothing.

The first time I felt safe in my being was twenty years ago.  It was then I was introduced to yoga, through a guest teacher during an actor’s training program.

Yoga challenged the self-image and stories I held in my mind since youth.  I witnessed the strength it created within me as I could sustain poses as long as anyone in the room, even those with athletic physiques.

Moreover, what changed is my resilience. 

Yoga allows me to do what I love, singing, and theatre.  The path of auditioning and performing is vulnerable and inherently invites judgment and criticism. Yoga is a saving grace, reminding me that I have something to offer even in moments when it seems the outside world disagrees.

I love asana, the nuts, and bolts of alignment and watching bodies become stronger and more graceful.  Though I have strong opinions on how to approach the practice, they are tempered with humility and reminders of my own ignorance.  My commitment is to live and teach through my heart.

Whether you are fully plugged into bliss or are struggling to see any light, I offer you acceptance.  It’s my mutant superpower.

I sincerely hope that you join me in practice, prayer, and breath.