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Grow As A Teacher

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May 8, 2021


If you want to teach at least 2-3 classes weekly, exhibit ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM, continue to deepen your knowledge of yoga and approach both teaching and practice as a developing skill, then we'd love to connect with you.

Great Students 

We’re looking for teachers who are also great students.  It takes time to develop your skills as a teacher.  We can help.

Grow Your Skills

We offer extensive training and mentorship to grow your understanding of yoga as a philosophy and practice.  Whether you are brand new to teaching or have taught for over a decade, we can take you to the next level.  

Every yoga teacher training is different, which produces various kinds of teachers.  We provide additional training to ensure all of the teachers at One Flow Yoga are on the same page.  This enables us to share the same language and have a similar understanding of the practice.  

Teaching yoga is not a full-time endeavor for most, which is why you can apply what you learn here to other areas of your life.


Want to be part of a community?  We’re looking for teachers interested in finding a home and becoming part of a whole, rather than simply dropping in and out. 


If you have availability during evenings and weekends, or mornings and early mornings then this may be a perfect fit.

The bond that holds our faculty together is taking care of others and being kind as way of moving in the world.  

Minimum Requirements

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registration 

Current Liability Insurance upon acceptance of offer


3 Possible Outcomes to the Audition Process

Option 1

Offered Position as a New Teacher

Selected teachers are required to attend the New Teacher Training Immersion and Development Program--FREE
Option 2

Selected for One Flow Yoga Mentorship

A unique opportunity to grow and develop as a teacher. You will also teach, and be paid for, regular classes
Option 3

No Offer Made

We are truly grateful for your interest in being of service to others and recognize this might not be the right fit for you.
Yoga nidrasana


You Don't Have To Be Able To Do This

It's easy to confuse the practice of yoga with the practice of teaching.  We know that the postures come easier to some than to others and that how a posture looks may not reflect the journey or work that has been put into it. 


This Is Our Focus

We are here to take care of others.  This is about making a profound difference in the world through touching and changing lives.  

Holding Space
Next Audition May 8

If for any reason you cannot make the date, please opt-in anyway to see your options.  



We can help you become a better teacher.  Whether you have just completed your first teacher training or your fifth, we can give you insights, tools and practices that will grow your skills.  

It was the depth and the amount of detail put into every facet of what it takes to be a truly effective yoga teacher that became an overall theme to the mentorship. My eyes have been opened.

Ryan Cropped


If you are serious about becoming a yoga teacher, this mentorship program will be an invaluable experience that will catapult you to the next level of teaching. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely.  While there are some things you can develop in people, some you cannot. We are looking for people who have the following qualities: enthusiasm, humility, tenacity, kindness.  If you bring these qualities, we can help you grow.

First, we have to say, this is a unique opportunity.  It’s rare to find a teacher mentorship, and if you do, the cost to you is between $500-$1000 or more. 

And that’s unfortunate because it means there are a lot of people who give up teaching prematurely, and a lot of teachers stumbling and trying to figure out how to teach. 

In order be skilled at anything, whether it’s cooking, surgery or teaching yoga, it takes time to develop.  You also need feedback from a trusted mentor who can help you get better. 

In our experience, a lot of teachers complete their 200-hour programs and then are left to sink or swim.  Worse than that, they may get frustrated or think they are just not cut out to teach.

There is a better way.

If you have the desire and passion to teach and are comfortable trying new and unfamiliar things, then we can help you become a great teacher. 

And best of all, we offer this FREE to you.  It is an investment on our end in YOU.  You bring your enthusiasm and willingness to work and grow.  

This is the time it takes to begin to grow your skill as a teacher.  The knowledge portion, while important, is only part of the equation.  The difficult part is being able to do something, on purpose, consistently.

It’s like playing music.  You need to read and understand the note you are trying to play.  That’s the knowledge part.  Actually getting your instrument to play the note is what takes practice. 

Twelve months also shows us how serious you are, as well as your level of commitment.  By offering you training and mentorship, we are making a meaningful investment in you.  We want to be sure you are equally invested in growing and making a difference in the lives of others.

No.  We are looking for an ongoing relationship with teachers who want to teach, regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. Your availability is important.

Opt in to register for the audition and find out what’s involved and what to bring.  We want to help you have the best audition possible. 

We hold auditions approximately every two years.  However, we are always looking for people who are passionate about making an impact.  

Please register for this audition and you'll be given an option, if you absolutely cannot make the date.  

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Great Teachers Aren't Born, They Worked Hard to Be That Way

Want to know more?

Register for the audition to learn more about the process as well as how to have your best audition.  We want to help you be successful.