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Advanced Asana Intensives

Explore the best the practice has to offer.  This is a place to grow, learn, and gain valuable know-how and do so a lot faster than trying to figure things out on your own.

When you’ve been practicing yoga for a few years, it can be easy to fall into familiar patterns.  You value and appreciate yoga, but it’s harder for you to find places that challenge and excite you.  Where do you go to take your personal practice and understanding of yoga and meditation deeper?  The answer is an advanced asana intensive.

Advanced Asana Intensive Sacramento

Advanced Asana Intensive

An advanced asana intensive differs from a traditional class in a few key ways:

Limited to students at an intermediate level and above

This is a time to accurately assess your skill level and capability.  This is for you who have done the hard work of building strength and flexibility, coupled with the patience and attention that comes from a regular practice.

Longer Duration

If you’ve ever been in a class and wondered how deep this particular posture goes—the advanced intensive will show you.  Three hours provide an opportunity to move towards poses and understandings that are out of reach simply because of time.

Progressively More Difficult Postures

Time alone does not make for a more fruitful exploration, though.   The sequence, or route, has to be well thought out and based on skill and experience.  Every posture serves a purpose and unlocks another layer of the puzzle.

Good Company

These intensives are part of a 50-hour Advanced Teacher Training and are open to non-trainees.  As such, they draw students who are mature in the practice who help to raise the quality of yoga for everyone.

Advanced Asana Intensive Pete

If yoga practice is a mountain, then the advanced yoga intensive represents the wilder, unexplored side teeming with possibility.  How do you access the adventure of more challenging postures yet manage the risks?

You need a guide.

A skillful guide will carefully assess and respond to what is happening at the moment to ensure you have an awe-inspiring adventure but still return home safely.  They are humble, competent, and super friendly.

Pete Guinosso is such a guide.

He’ll create a route that reflects his knowledge of the terrain based on his decades of experience and study.  He offers strong, vigorous practices that stay centered on the breath and intention.

Pete will show you how to combine breath work, meditation, and asana to great effect.  He is a noted mentor in the field of yoga and someone who can pass that knowledge onto you.  Pete knows how and when to turn up the heat to invite you into a heightened state of learning as he helps you navigate complex territory with a deftness that inspires. 

And always this is done with heart.

Advanced Asana Intensives

Saturday & Sunday April 25 & 26, May 2 & 3

$35 each or $120 for all 4 days