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Teacher Training Overview

Yoga Teacher Training Sacramento

Why One Flow Yoga Teacher Training is Right for You

At One Flow Yoga you will learn a modern, well-informed practice, rooted in the teachings and canon of tradition, yet interpreted for a worldly purpose. 

Proven Experience 

Kate, the founder of One Flow Yoga and lead teacher trainer, has been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching since 2005.  She has studied with some of the most well-respected teachers in the world and has taught over 8500 hours.

Being responsible for the staffing and development of a large yoga studio gives her a unique perspective.  We draw our teaching faculty from the pool of teacher training graduates.  Thus the success of One Flow Yoga’s teacher training program is ultimately judged not only by the program’s participants but also by the actual students our faculty teaches. 

And we get high marks here.

  • The caring and amazing staff keep me coming back.”  Daisy P.
  • The studio has exemplary teachers with a strong knowledge base of all things yoga.”  Terrie M.
  • Great teachers with a variety of teaching styles yet similar levels of difficulty.” Juliana S.
  •  “Skillful classes that bring all aspects of yoga to the mat.  Teachers that offer true “teaching” (asana as well as philosophy), as opposed to simply calling out poses."  Kelly P.
  • The instructors are kind and understanding.  Class does not feel competitive or rushed.  I feel comfortable and safe.”  Taylor B.

You can be confident you will receive an education that prepares you to teach effectively in the real world if that is your desire. 

Personal Format

There are many ways to teach teacher trainings.  The most common format is:

  • Big group discussions and lecture
  • Emphasis on yoga practice versus yoga teaching practice

By contrast at One Flow Yoga, we move beyond knowledge acquisition to a place where you can apply the knowledge.  You’ll learn in a smaller group format as we limit the size of our training.  This gives you more individualized attention and opportunities to participate.

Design and Structure

Knowledge + Practice + Feedback

Knowledge provides the foundation and the theory.

Practice is the hard part.  It’s taking things out of the lab and into the world.  For instance, you may have the knowledge that you want to be kind, but have you actually tried to do it for half an hour.  Kind in your thoughts, words, and actions.  It’s challenging, especially when it comes to the way we talk to ourselves.

Feedback lets you know what adjustments to make and how you are doing.  People who excel at high levels seek out feedback.

One Flow Yoga Teacher Training is designed to help you learn the practice of yoga, apply the learnings to your life and make a profound difference in the way you see, interact with the world and yourself.

We approach teaching as a skill, which you can learn.

"The kindness that Kate showed was a beautiful example of what teaching should look like, and the community that teacher training created with my fellow students has been absolutely invaluable.  I feel confident that in the coming month and years I will find success in teaching because of the foundation this program has provided."  

Blair Mehigan

“I felt that I was home and that the group and Kate had my back.  I felt supported, looked after, and loved throughout the program.  She provided tons of positive feedback and genuinely cared for us.“

Kevin Pham

I am much more calm. I am definitely more confident. I am more reflective. I notice more and more things in a given moment as I am more mindful of my thoughts and actions in that moment. I am happier and I feel more settled.”

Pamona Purdy

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