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Lead by Kate Saal

Know Yourself!

Learn to see and embrace the amazing person you are. This is not hyperbole. A central part of yoga is the belief that we all have an “essence” that is love. Often described as your inner light or inner knowing, it resides deep in your being and speaks to you constantly. Can you hear it? It is not the voice in your head, but rather that feeling in your gut, in your heart.

Why does it seem to dim or go quiet? In the East they say it gets covered with veils, one at a time. Veils take many forms such as the expectations from the people in your life—your parents, friends, co-workers, significant others, yourself. They are also the judgments, fears, worries and doubts that you have—each one adding its layer.

Turn the brightness up.

You may have a general idea of what to do to have a more balanced, more fulfilling life, but do you ever get the chance to put it into practice. The 40-Day Experience was created to allow you to take action.

Why 40 Days
40 Days is a sacred period of time throughout humanity.
In many traditions throughout the world it is a time people put aside for reflection, rest, simplicity and peace.

By committing to this 40-Day Experience, you will give yourself time to reconnect, tune in and become aware of your true essence. You will see your habits and fears and find the strength and courage to face them. You will also delve into what is essential to your life and how to honor it.

This will be challenging, but you are not alone. Each week you have the opportunity to share and gain inspiration with others.

40 Days Can Impact Your Life in a Powerful Way
As a student of the 40-Day Experience you will receive:

6 Weekly 75 minute Group meetings to learn, share, support each other and meditate.

Yoga Philosophy: During our group meetings you will learn a specific element of yoga philosophy and get the opportunity to apply it to your daily life.

Your Commitment

Each student in the 40 Days commits to the following.

Yoga Practice: A daily practice, with one day off, is important for the duration of the 40 Days. This can be 6 days of studio practice or 5 days at the studio and 1 day of home practice.

Meditation: Meditation is a critical part of yoga. During the 40 Days you will meditate each day. (You will learn how during our weekly meetings.)

Diet: To support a healthy, active, lifelong practice, we will focus on a specific dietary theme each week.

Rest: In the Bhagavad Gita, is the passage, “It is impossible to practice Yoga effectively if you eat or sleep either too much or to little.” 6:16 Over 40-Days we will explore how to be more mindful of rest.

Journal: Writing weekly in your journal gives you time to document your reflections and observations of the week.

When: Thursdays 6:30p – 7:45p, February 6 – March 13

Non-Members $225

Members $89

Includes a 40-day pass for non-members (Members use their existing membership.)

Space is Limited

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I am new to yoga, can I still sign up.

Yes, absolutely. 40-Days is a wonderful way to jumpstart your practice. We offer classes for people who are new every single day.

Do I have to make every meeting?

To get the maximum benefit from this program we highly encourage you to be at each meeting. We understand travel, life and work happens and you might have to miss one. However, if you know you will have to miss more than one than perhaps it might be best to wait until the next program is offered in the Fall.

Is this the 40-Day Transformation Program Baron Baptiste created?

No. Baron has a lot to offer, and is certainly an influence, however, this is an original program exclusive to One Flow Yoga.


40 Days gives a structure in which to explore yourself and develop practices to sustain yourself.  Kate’s guidance, the support of the group and the opportunity to become accountable were powerful.  It’s a great journey.  Maija

I cannot express in words what a gift this 40-Day Experience has been. Not only have I given myself the gift of time but also value.  I have learned throughout these 40 days that I have value as much as my loved ones and friends in my life.  I have felt a great  honor to share these 40 days with my fellow students.  It has connected me in a very deep way.  I am far more aware and present than I have been for quite a long time which I am grateful for.  Nicole

At the end of my 40-Day Experience I can honestly say that everything is different.  My yoga practice has improved and I now enjoy it immensely.  I am so much kinder to myself.  Awareness, what a gift!  Laura

I would recommend anyone take this journey and set an intention prior to your arrival.  Mark