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Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, we have a practice for you.


“I love how warm and friendly the staff and other yoga students are. There is a class at all times; early morning to evening. The convenience is overwhelming”

Elizabeth Danielson

“The class itself was a great vinyasa flow. It was a great workout and the instructor was super clear and helpful.”

Anna Cox

“Kind, sincere, welcoming environment”

Julia Perkovich

“This is a warm loving space that would recommend to anyone!”

Tamara Ames

“Bright, clean studio. Friendly and warm instructors. I appreciate the cues to be mindful during practice, and the little bits of yoga philosophy.”

Madhurima Gadgil

“I like the location, price, philosophy, business model, staff, facilities, music, professionalism, and cleanliness, not to mention great yoga.”

Greg Wolfe

Strong Body | Clear Mind | Inspired Life

We offer a practical practice to make a profound difference in your life.

Ready to Start

An offer too good to refuse.  Enjoy our full class schedule and amenities for an entire month at a 65% savings.

Go to Class

Find a class that's convenient to you.  We offer classes 7 days a week and are considered a full-time studio (defined as offering between 30-50 weekly classes.)

Need Some Help

We've got your back.  What to Bring, What Class to Take, When to Eat, The Purpose of Yoga and many more of your questions answered here.

Our Skills & Expertise

We are good at taking care of you.  It’s the philosophy on which we base everything we do.  It’s why we offer the little things, like items you may have forgotten, as well as the big things, such as our approach to the practice.

Warm and Friendly is just who we are.  We know how difficult it can be just to get to your mat, whether for the first time or number ten thousand.  We are always thrilled to see you.

Our skill as teachers is reflected in being able to do one of the most difficult things—offer a class that is both accessible and challenging at the same time, in the Level 1 Class—and make the difficult, doable, in the All Levels class.  It’s a difference you will feel.

Warm & Friendly
Challenging & Fun

All Of Life is Yoga

The asana, or physical, practice here in our Sacramento Yoga studio is merely a check-in.  In this safe, non-judgmental space, you can feel how you are and begin to listen.  To what?  To the place within you that knows the answers to all of your questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • How can I be happy?

We all have this place that knows but being able to pay attention to it is difficult because your life is busy and there are a million different distractions.  Focusing and creating awareness is where we begin.  But it's only a start because once you are aware of who you are truly, there is still work to do to let that amazing person out.  It's work only you can do but ultimately it is the way to feel aligned, whole--one.

There seems to be a misconception that all growth has to be tumultuous and hard--that you have to be "stripped bare" and then rebuild.

At One Flow Yoga we believe compassion and softening are equally valid paths to self-acceptance.  In fact, it is often easier to push, push, push then to let go, relax and find ease.

There also is a belief that you have to wear robes, be very serious and quiet to find a place of liberation in your life.  We humbly challenge this assumption:

Can Yoga Be Fun?

You might think of "yoga" as being something intimidating or a pretzel practice performed by very bendy people on a mat in some sort of room.

If yoga is a synonym for life, shouldn't our approach reflect how we want to live.  Can you look at the big questions in life, move towards a healthier balance for your mind, body and spirit, and do it with joy?


We laugh, play and have fun, while gaining invaluable insight into our being via a practice rooted in ancient yoga tradition.  The result is yoga class that is very accessible, invigorating and inspiring.

  • We offer you the best music from all over the world, on the highest quality sound system of any Sacramento Yoga Studio.
  • Our yoga sequences are based on the philosophy of vinyasa--being present in the moment for it is temporary--and are creative, spontaneous and playful.
  • The best thing about us, though, is you.  Our community is kind and welcoming and cares about every member.  We invite you to join.