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April Yoga Teacher One Flow Yoga


A good friend of mine suggested yoga and introduced me to One Flow Yoga.
For many years I struggled with feelings of shame, fear, and abandonment. To cope and numb, I abused alcohol and drugs. In January 2012 my recovery journey began with the support of a 12-step program and therapy. At one year sober, it was time to start addressing the physical effects my previous lifestyle had on my body.
I left that first class knowing I was exactly where I needed to be.
I kept showing up. In this studio, on my mat, and with this community--I felt safe, supported, and loved.
This yoga practice has held me in times of challenge, moments of joy, and all the experiences between. It offers the space I need to pay attention and be with all that I feel--feelings that I used to run from or disregard. It has shown me the power and beauty of breath.
I am forever thankful for this practice. I came hoping to connect with and heal my body and awakened to a way of living that I never knew was possible.
My hope is to offer you a space of love and support as you journey through this practice of self-discovery.