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Suzi Teacher


I practice yoga because every time I get on my mat, it feels right. Being there makes sense in a way that I can’t see when I am rushing around. It slows me down and gives me the space to reflect and feel gratitude and reminds me that the present moment is all we can be sure of.

I was born, raised and educated in South Africa. I worked for nine years as a medical doctor in South Africa, the UK, Australia and finally came to the US in 2006, pregnant with my eldest son. In the next five years, my life had changed radically from being a professional to becoming a mother in a new country far away from family with two young children and no easy way back to my professional career. I was busy taking care of others and spending less time taking care of myself or paying much attention to my inner life.

I was brought to my yoga studio by a good friend and stayed because of great teachers who taught me, amongst many other things, that there is extreme beauty and courage in vulnerability. I found yoga to be a moving meditation. I could become present and grounded while doing what I love, moving and strengthening my body. I found that it enabled me to connect to myself, take care of myself and therefore be able to take care of my loved ones in a healthy way.

Slowing down brings clarity that allows me to maintain sight of what is most important to, kindness and the awareness of being part of a far greater presence that connects us all.

Yoga teaches me to accept and love myself along with my imperfections, and this continues to be a very healing experience for me as it frees me to get to know my true self.

I decided to teach because the pace of life is ever increasing and we all need opportunities to slow down and take notice of what we need to sustain our minds, our bodies, and our souls. If I can provide a space for this to happen, I will feel that I have brought something of value to this world and the people in it. We all need more healing than just the physical.

In the classes I teach, there will be a focus on moving mindfully with breath. I strive to provide a challenge and a safe place in which to connect with your body, your breath, and your experience.