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One Flow Yoga® Schedule

Which Class to Take?


Brand New to Yoga?

Start with Vinyasa Foundational Flow.  It is a class purposely designed for people new to the practice.  That means you don’t have to know anything about yoga.  Our teaching style is step-by-step.  We’ll help you learn the yoga poses gradually and help you build your practice skillfully.  We say these classes are simple but not easy.  You’ll be able to do them, and you’ll be challenged.

A Seasoned Practitioner?

We define seasoned as someone who has done at least 50, of a Vinyasa style class, over a short duration, usually 6 months.  If this is you, jump right into a Vinyasa Next Level Flow class.  Here you’ll find a variety of sequences and new takes and perspectives on more familiar postures.


You are always welcome to try a class to see how it goes.  In a Vinyasa Foundational Flow class you are not expected to know any yoga.  In Vinyasa Next Level Flow, it’s helpful to know Surya Namaskara A & B, be able to flow with the class and be able to take care of yourself by choosing child’s pose appropriately.

Looking to Relax?

Yin Yoga is going to be your jam.  It's a quieter practice that invites conscious stillness.

Vinyasa Relaxed Candlelight Flow moves and the overall effect is calming & grounding.

Want to Build Strength

Yoga Sculpt & Tone, our newest offering, is designed to add resistance and give you another type of challenge--both inside and out.

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