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Gift Cards

Yoga Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Self-Care

Give the gift that can help someone strengthen their body, calm their mind, and soothe their soul. 

Every year there are countless people who adopt a healthier lifestyle and start practicing yoga as a result of someone giving them a yoga gift card. 

Plus One Flow Yoga® gift cards are one-size fits all, organic and good for the planet.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

One Flow Yoga® Gift Cards

It's quick and easy to send the gift of yoga to anyone in your life.  You have the choice of selecting a preset amount below or filling in your own.

$117 Gift Card

3 Months On-Demand

$180 Gift Card

1 Month In-Studio Monthly Unlimited

$215 Gift Card

10-Class Pass Live-Streaming or In-Studio

$350 Gift Card

1 Year On-Demand Yoga

$Pick Your Amount