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Teacher Training

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Teacher Training


A Transformative Educational Experience

Whether your goal is for personal growth and enrichment or to have the skills and knowledge to teach effectively, you can make it happen here.  Immerse yourself in the deeper dimension of yoga and discover why it’s such a potent way to change lives. 

The 3 Main Reasons People Take Teacher Training

  • 1) You Want to Live a More Meaningful, Loving Life (i.e. personal growth)

  • 2) You Want to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

  • 3) You Want to Teach Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Sacramento

You Want to Live a More Meaningful, Loving Life

You Want to Live a More Meaningful, Loving Life  

Call it transformation, knowing yourself or finding authenticity, yoga teacher training will change your life.  You don’t just want any change, though, you want what we all want, to feel love, know that you matter, and to embrace the amazing person you are!

And you’re not alone.

Based on our own internal surveys, the number one reason people take teacher training is for personal growth.  And that’s amazing because it means yoga teacher training is really about self-awareness or who you are on the inside.

That’s critical because your internal world of,

  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • desires
  • hopes
  • fears
  • experiences

is driving your outside actions.  Taken together, these internal qualities make up who you are and affect everything you do.  You lead as you are.  You parent as you are.  And yes, you will teach as you are.

But as a society, we don’t spend a lot of time exploring our inner being choosing instead to focus on the external world.  The internal is a mystery to us.

And that’s where yoga comes in.  Yoga is often dismissed as a series of postures and stretches.  Look a little deeper though, and you see that the poses, and more importantly how we do them, represent our internal states.

For instance, if we continuously rush through a posture or a sequence, that is helpful to know.  Likewise, it is revealing if we always go to the furthest expression of a posture or never go anywhere near it.  These ways of moving aren’t good or bad, right or wrong because there is no one correct way to do a posture.  However, more often than not they are unconscious patterns we have adapted to address daily living.

In teacher training at One Flow Yoga, we’ll show you how to use the insight, of the inner state affecting your outer world, to move from an ordinary, stressed-out life, to one of deep connection and joy.

“I had been looking for a teacher training for a year and visited many studios. I asked other yoga teachers from various studios how I should choose and the response I latched on to was "go where you feel most welcome & at home"... so I visited One Flow and from day one I felt at home.”

Brandy Childress

A friend of mine had gone through the teacher training at One Flow Yoga, and recommended it to me.  She said that it was the best decision that she's ever made for herself.  After completing the teacher training for myself, I can see why she said that, and I totally agree with her!

Rachael Hennigan

You Want to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

You Want to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

You love yoga and how you feel when you do it.  You’ve been practicing for a while, and now you want to learn how yoga works.

Perhaps you’ve heard there’s more to yoga and even tasted a little bit of it.

Yoga Teacher Training Is How You Learn the Depth of Yoga in the 21st century.

There’s not enough time in a class to cover all of these concepts or explore them thoroughly.  Cobbling together a series of workshops doesn’t provide the same cohesive experience.  Even if you could, it would take you years to consider everything we do in a few months.

Teacher Training at One Flow Yoga is the place you can go deep to understand what yoga offers, including its various tools such as meditation and breath work.  You will learn about the philosophy and how it informs the practice and what we do on and off the mat.

It’s an immersion focused on engagement, participation and getting involved.  Perhaps it’s no coincidence that one of the most common definitions of yoga is engagement rather than union.  There’s no standing back but an invitation to jump in with both feet.

In response, you’ll express yourself through your own voice.  You get to ask for what you want out of life.

Studying yoga in a teacher training setting gives you the support of other like-minded individuals also doing the work.  Yoga has always been studied in the company of others.

    1.1     atha yoganusasanam

        Now let us study yoga together.  (from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

"I thought teacher training was going to be how to teach sequences and how to deliver a class, and yes there's definitely that preparation, but it's more of a deeper exploration of going within your own self, in the way you show up in the world.  This process has been just a complete life changing event."

Adam Federico

The program has had a profound effect on my life. There is a huge amount of self-reflection in this process. Opening my eyes to the work I had to do for myself as part of my human experience was life changing.” 

Laurie Stone

 “I have learned so much it is hard to boil it down to the one big result!  Not only did the teacher training provide in-depth learning opportunities in the physical practice, from anatomy to sequencing, it provided time and space to explore our inner selves through reading, reflection, and conversations.”

Marj Duffy

You Want to Teach

You Want to Teach

If you know that you want to teach, then the next question is “how do you get the best yoga education you can?

A quality education provides the foundation that will frame how you see the practice going forward.  There is a false assumption that all yoga teacher training programs are the same.  Visit a handful of yoga studios, though, and you quickly realize that no two are alike.

Most people come to teacher training with only a vague idea of what they’ll be learning or what they need to learn to become teachers.  That’s important because teacher trainings are significant investments.  What is the value you are getting?

You may think teacher training is learning the names of postures or memorizing a sequence that you then teach to others.  But when you get down to it, you find that teaching involves your whole being.  It goes back to knowing yourself.

After all, how do you create space for others to feel heard, held, and honored?

This work, then, applies not only to teaching but also to being a parent, working with clients or showing up for every other relationship in your life.  Just like it takes time to learn a craft or be a better parent, it takes time to grow as a teacher.

Look for a safe, supportive teacher training environment because learning to teach is hard enough.  Take several classes at the studio you want to learn at, especially with the lead teacher(s).  This will give you a lot to go on.  For instance, you can tell:

  • How the teachers teach
  • What their priorities are

This will give you a good idea of how you’ll end up teaching if you study there.  This doesn’t imply that you’ll become a carbon copy, but that each program has things that are important to them.  Some focus more on the anatomy aspects of teaching yoga, while others make it more meditative oriented.

Finally, taking class ahead of time will give you a feel for what the lead teacher is like. 

Remember you’ll be spending a lot of time with the lead teacher.  They set the tone for the training.  Do you resonate with them?  Can you imagine learning from them?

Give yourself the room to grow.  You’ll be surprised at the difference you feel after a year of teacher versus just starting out.  And that continues as you look back after five years, ten years and beyond.

Likewise, it takes time to become a teacher of teachers.  They must learn to see what’s going on in the room and know where to give and where to hold boundaries.  It is a balance of holding space for others to be heard and helping everyone do the work.

There is a concept in yoga called svadhyaya which is sometimes translated as self-study.  It means to place in your heart.  It is the idea that you take the information you learn, put it to use, get to know it and ultimately make it your own.  Once again this takes time and constant practice.

Whether you intend to teach or not, the practice of teaching yoga will offer you skills that you can use in every other relationship in life, including the one with yourself. 

And it will change how you see the world.

"I've been a part of five teacher trainings...One Flow gives you a clear understanding and idea of all the tools that you need to be an effective teacher.  I was not aware of a lot of the different aspects and Kate really opened my eyes to a lot of things I haven't thought of before.  You're in really good hands."

Ryan Caputi

“I sought out graduates of One Flow’s teacher training and had a conversation about their experience. They were honest and candid with me. A few had taken other teacher trainings and insisted that this would be challenging and very different from other programs, but also provide an immense amount of growth both as a prospective teacher and as a human…The expectations and standards are high, but so is the level of love, care, and support with which Kate holds space for you.” 

Eleni Crush

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