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Tracy Teacher One Flow Yoga


My first experience with Yoga was when a friend of mine convinced me to try out a Bikram yoga class.  She said it was a great work out and detoxifying.  I gave Bikram yoga my very best for two months but when I was introduced to Vinyasa yoga, the love affair began.

What kept me coming back?  I was a stay at home mom with two small children and practicing yoga was a great break, stress reliever and a perfect way to spend some “me time”.  I experienced the euphoric feeling of moving my body in graceful, intentional and physically challenging ways along with my breath but more than anything, what hooked me was the feeling of oneness with those taking the class along side me.

A lot of us walk through life feeling like we are alone in our experiences and perceptions.  Through yoga, I felt a huge sense of community, support and love.  I felt like the teacher could see me for who I was, accept me and love me unconditionally regardless of whether I could get my foot behind my head.  The yoga studio quickly became my home away from home.

I admit that getting “the yoga butt” was the initial attraction but the physical benefits evolved into a side benefit for me.  Practicing Yoga has given me the space to let feelings come up which has given me the tools to be more present and aware in my life. Yoga introduced me to my ego and has giving me the freedom to laugh with it and set it aside instead of belittling it.  Yoga has provided me with the tools to be present, accepting of myself and others and to realize how much power there is in allowing the true self to shine through.

I teach yoga to serve and connect with my community, to create a safe, loving and accepting space where students can come and be as they are and experience who they truly are.  I strive to create classes that are fun, challenging, accepting and above all else, loving.