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Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Why Private Yoga?

Do you have an injury you are trying to rehab?

Are you nervous about trying yoga and would prefer 1-on-1 instruction first?

Do you want to figure out how to do more things in the yoga postures?

If you answered yes to any of the above, private yoga is for you. 

In a private yoga session, you work individually with a One Flow Yoga® teacher to address your specific needs.

Our teachers will meet with you, ask about your goals and formulate a plan to get you there.  And because it's 1-on-1 you decide how fast or slow you go to meet your goal.  

We can also work remotely, so you can have a private yoga session streamed wherever you have a reliable wi-fi connection. 

Private Yoga Rates

Private One-Person


  • 1-60 Minute Session

Private Package


  • 4 Session Package (once a week)

Semi-Private 2-3 People


  • 1-60 Minute Session

Semi-Private Package


  • 4 Session Package (once a week)

Semi-private yoga is great for small groups who want a yoga class at a specific time or for corporate yoga.  

Contact us to set-up semi-private sessions and to see how we can help you.

Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

  • Rehab injuries and support healing

  • Work towards specific goals in your practice

  • Get help in adapting and modifying the practice for your body

  • Receive a practice tailored to your individual needs

  • Find a time to practice that works for your schedule

  • Obtain helpful, immediate feedback on alignment

How We Work

The personal attention you receive during a private yoga session can make a true difference in your body.

Our teachers will take you through an evaluation to ensure your needs are met. They then make recommendations and begin to work with you. Each of our teachers teaches responsively—meaning they constantly see what is happening in your body and make adjustments as the session unfolds.

All private sessions are an interactive experience and your questions and concerns are always welcome. Hands-on assists are offered where helpful and homework may be assigned. All sessions are 60-minutes long.

Repetition is a key component of learning. We suggest starting with a 4 classes and scheduling weekly sessions to see the most progress.