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Have you ever sought out those magic moments?

Or magic people?

I looked for magic everywhere in my life.

In my entertainment, my books, my relationships.

It took finding yoga for me to understand that the magic I was seeking was in the work I was avoiding.

Yoga, as it turns out, is not glorified stretching. It’s an invitation to work.

I don’t mean to labor extensively and wear yourself out, but rather an invitation to actively look inward and be present.

Moreover, it’s an invitation you have the ability to decline.

I declined it for quite some while when I first began to practice yoga, for fear of what taking the deep dive into myself may look like.

And that resistance is what led me to teach. Perfection isn’t what yoga seeks at all, but rather fostering a connection that moves you and brings joy, solidarity, and just maybe…a little more magic to your life.