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The Beginner's Series

You have two ways to take the Beginner's Series



Feel Comfortable & Confident in Any Yoga Class

Consider the Beginner's Series as "Yoga Lessons."  It gives you an understanding of what yoga is and how to do it successfully. 

To get the benefits of yoga, including being stronger, calmer, and healthier, you need to know how to practice yoga. Take the Beginners Series and practice with confidence, whether you choose to do yoga at home, online, or in-studio.

Start with a Strong Foundation in Yoga

Knowing some simple basics can change yoga from being mysterious and overwhelming to friendly and welcoming.

In the Beginner’s Series, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions including:

  • What is Yoga
  • Types of Yoga 
  • Benefits of Yoga
  • What you need to practice.
  • Yoga terms and vocabulary
  • And Many More

The Beginner's Series Meets You Where You Are

It can be nerve-wracking to put yourself out there and learn something new. We get it. We’re here to help and to take the pressure off. Our approach is why so many people who never thought yoga was for them end up loving yoga and using it to help them thrive.

Join over 1000 people who have been through the Beginner's Series over the last ten years. 

Beginner Yoga Poses

In the Beginner’s Series, we’ll break down the 50 most common yoga poses beginners are likely to see.

We also teach you how to modify yoga poses to work for your body so you can practice in a safe, relaxed, and, yes, joyful manner.

Plus, we’ll give you a key to figure out how to do a yoga pose, even one you’ve never seen before.

Can You Teach Yourself Yoga?

Yes. But it can be a frustrating experience like shaving a cat. And it might be just as painful too.

The Beginner’s Series is a structured course tested, refined, and proven in the real world for over ten years. It is based on our own experience teaching thousands of beginners just like you.

We’ve done the hard work of figuring out the best way to teach beginners so you can learn in the easiest way possible. This minimizes the risk of injury or potential to learn incorrectly. Plus, it’s more fun to learn with a group, especially when everyone’s new too.

You can spend years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out on your own what we share in 8 sessions. 

YELP Reviews for the Beginner's Series

I also took the beginner series. Game-changing.  

They are completely nurturing and dedicated to making sure we leave there whole, stronger and more peaceful than before walking in.  I would recommend any newbie join and if you're a veteran yogi, the pros to love it as well--at least the girl doing the flying crow next to me this am thought so!  J.E.  

A few months ago I joined my friend for the studio's Beginner's Series. They taught and broke down the most common yoga postures (and how to adjust them) and shared the deeper purpose of the practice. Even though I have dabbled in some type of yoga for the last 10 years, I learned a lot and enjoyed every class. So much so, that after the eight-class Beginner's Series, I signed up for a monthly membership! Joni-Marie C.

The Beginner's Series Is The Best Way to Learn Yoga