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Tara Teacher One Flow Yoga


I came to yoga in search of balance.

At the time, I was a brand new classroom teacher, teaching middle school math. My day job was all-consuming. When I wasn’t instructing or managing a middle school crisis, I was either lesson planning or grading or stressing about the lesson planning and grading I had to do.

In desperate search of stress relief, I found a yoga studio nearby. Quickly the 4:00 pm class became my daily dose of calm. Those 75 minutes were the only time I had where my brain stopped its ongoing chatter, and I had the chance to pause and take a respite from the day.

It wasn’t long before I felt the effect of yoga in my life off the mat. I found myself pausing in the middle of a stressful situation, to breathe, and feel more at ease. I sought out ways to deepen my yoga practice beyond the physical poses. I meditated and connected more with the spiritual practice of yoga, which eventually led me to my first teacher training.

Yoga has transformed not just my day to day life, but my relationships and approach to life. I am kinder to others and myself. I have compassion and gratitude for life and the opportunities offered. The practice of yoga- whether it's a 75-minute vinyasa class or 5 minutes of conscious breathing – always has the power to turn my day around.

As a teacher, I strive for the classes I offer to be the time you get to pause in the course of your day- a moment to connect with your body and breath.