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Max Strom says the number one thing to look for in choosing a teacher is "are they kind".  We couldn't agree more.

Great teachers bring an energy and understanding that comes having gone through there own periods of darkness, and emerged on the side with a new level of empathy and compassion.  They are able to inspire and support you on your path.

And they are here to serve.  Let us offer you a practice that will change the way you fundamentally view the world while bringing a smile to your face.

Alli Teacher One Flow Yoga


I was first introduced to yoga when a good friend asked me to go to a class with her.  Even though I was nervous I thought, “this will be a great workout!”

Before I knew it I was practicing on a regular basis.  Read More...

April Yoga Teacher One Flow Yoga


A good friend of mine suggested yoga and introduced me to One Flow Yoga.
For many years I struggled with feelings of shame, fear, and abandonment. To cope and numb, I abused alcohol and drugs. 




Have you ever sought out those magic moments? Or magic people? I looked for magic everywhere in my life. In my entertainment, my books, my relationships.

It took finding yoga for me to understand that the magic I was seeking was in the work I was avoiding. Read More...

Britt Yoga Teacher One Flow Yoga


I began practicing at One Flow in 2017, a year after my husband and I welcomed our first child. My transition into motherhood challenged me in ways Read More...

Kate Teacher One Flow Yoga


Teaching yoga has been as much of a growth opportunity for me as the physical practice.

Because of this practice I have altered my relationships and the Read More...

Serra Photo


Bio Coming Soon

Suzi Teacher


I practice yoga because every time I get on my mat, it feels right. Being there makes sense in a way that I can’t see when I am rushing around. It slows me down and gives me the space Read More...

Tara Teacher One Flow Yoga


I came to yoga in search of balance.

At the time, I was a brand new classroom teacher, teaching middle school math. My day job was all-consuming. When I wasn’t instructing or managing a middle school crisis, Read More...

Tracy Teacher One Flow Yoga


My first experience with Yoga was when a friend of mine convinced me to try out a Bikram yoga class.  She said it was a great work out and detoxifying.  I gave Bikram yoga my very best for two months but when I was introduced to Vinyasa yoga, the love affair began.  Read More...