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why practice yoga

Why Practice Yoga

By Kate Saal / February 25, 2021

Beyond the benefits of yoga is the bigger question of why people practice yoga?   There is value in the practice of yoga itself and three other reasons. First, we practice yoga to understand and gain insight. Second, it takes practice to make a change that sticks. And third, the practice of yoga can help you…

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yoga prevent injury

How Can Yoga Prevent Injury

By Kate Saal / February 12, 2021

One yoga benefit of yoga rarely explored is the role it plays in injury prevention. That may not seem intuitive, given the focus we put on its mind-body aspects. But this discussion can help athletes or anyone who has a body, so it’s worth asking, “how can yoga prevent injury.”   Quality How It Helps Prevent…

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asana yoga upward facing dog

What is Asana in Yoga

By Kate Saal / February 9, 2021

Take any yoga class, and you are going to hear the term asana a lot. But what is it? Asana is the physical practice of yoga and relates to the body. Asana is also another name for the poses or postures of yoga. In Sanskrit, the word asana translates as “seat,” specifically for meditation. Today…

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is vinyasa yoga hard

Is Vinyasa Yoga Hard

By Kate Saal / February 1, 2021

People ask, “Is vinyasa yoga hard” because they want to know if they’ll be able to do it.   Vinyasa isn’t more difficult than any other type of yoga if you choose a class based on your ability and level of fitness. Jump into a random vinyasa class without much yoga experience, and it can be…

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learn yoga by myself

Can I Learn Yoga By Myself

By Kate Saal / January 29, 2021

If you are brand new to yoga and want to learn in the fastest and easiest way, it can be tempting to think, “Can I learn yoga by myself.”   Technically you can learn yoga by yourself. However, you will spend more time and money doing so to become a skilled practitioner and run a greater…

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Yoga Lower Back Pain

Yoga for Lower Back Pain Based on Science

By Kate Saal / January 22, 2021

When you have lower back pain, you want to get rid of it fast, but should you use yoga?    Yes, yoga is a highly effective treatment for lower back pain. It is great for beginners, is drug-free, and works as well as physical therapy. Plus, it’s recommended by The American College of Physicians.   Back pain…

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Is yoga cardio

Is Yoga Cardio

By Kate Saal / January 14, 2021

You already know yoga calms your mind and relieves your stress but will it also give you a blood pumping, leg shaking, heart-pounding workout? Can yoga be the one physical activity where you get cardio, strength, and consciousness? Yes, yoga can be considered cardio and thus improve your fitness level if you practice certain forms,…

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pain yoga

Does Yoga Hurt

By Kate Saal / January 7, 2021

Intuitively, when you ask, “does yoga hurt” you may be wondering if pain is a normal part of yoga. Perhaps you’ve tried yoga recently and found yourself sore the next day. Or it’s been a week, and you are still feeling the effects of the practice that’s supposed to be good for you. Let’s clear…

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hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga vs Vinyasa: Know the Difference

By Kate Saal / January 5, 2021

To determine the difference between hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga, we need to reach back and look at some 15th-century texts. Then we need to separate what’s helpful and not and bring it back into the modern era to apply it to your practice. However, the short answer when comparing hatha and vinyasa is: Hatha…

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yoga pose for beginner

What Are The Best Yoga Poses for Beginners

By Kate Saal / December 31, 2020

We all wish there was a scale that would tell you what the best beginner yoga poses are? Unfortunately, there’s not.   But, you’re in luck because you have the next best thing, a guide, that’s me, to help you know which postures you should focus on as a beginner. And just to reassure you, I’ve…

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