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vinyasa yoga vs bikram yoga

Vinyasa Yoga vs. Bikram Yoga: Which is Better?

By Kate Saal / July 1, 2021

As a yoga teacher, I realize when you first start out, all yoga looks the same. But each type of yoga has its strengths and liabilities. So let’s explore the question, what is the difference between vinyasa yoga and Bikram yoga?   The key differences between vinyasa and Bikram yoga include time, temperature, environment, and sequence…

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yoga for running shoes mat

Yoga For Runners: By A Runner & Yoga Teacher

By Kate Saal / June 24, 2021

I was a runner for twenty-five years, was on competitive cross country and track teams and I have taught yoga since 2005. But it took me a long time to combine the two and ask the question, is yoga good for runners? Yoga provides numerous benefits to runners, including aiding in recovery and helping to…

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hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga vs Vinyasa: Know the Difference

By Kate Saal / January 5, 2021

To determine the difference between hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga, we need to reach back and look at some 15th-century texts. Then we need to separate what’s helpful and not and bring it back into the modern era to apply it to your practice. However, the short answer when comparing hatha and vinyasa is: Hatha…

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Power Yoga

What is Power Yoga? And why should you care?

By Kate Saal / February 28, 2019

Power Yoga.  Even if you never heard of it, odds are it’s affecting the way you think about and practice yoga.  Why?  Because it’s popular and athletic—the very definition of modern yoga.  It’s worth understanding Power Yoga because even though it’s one of the most prolific forms of yoga in the United States, it can…

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Vinyasa Yoga Flowing

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

By Kate Saal / February 19, 2019

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.  Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, it is sometimes confused with “power yoga“. Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike.  The opposite would be “fixed forms”…

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Handstand Beach

The 6 Problems with Vinyasa Yoga and Solutions

By Kate Saal / December 16, 2016

Each yoga system or type of yoga has deficits for none is perfect.  The well informed yogin knows what they are and works to reduce them. Vinyasa Yoga has several problems. 1) Alignment  In yoga circles alignment refers to how the posture is done.  (This is a huge, complicated subject and deserves its own discussion.) …

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Bikram Yoga

Yoga Philosophy? Not in this class!

By Kate Saal / August 1, 2012

Recently I’ve taken a couple of classes from well-known studio chains—CorePower Yoga and Bikram Yoga. CorePower’s class I took because the bio of the teacher said she just completed her Master’s Degree in Vedic Science and is pursuing a PhD in Asian & Comparative Studies with emphases in Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit.  She also has…

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