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California Reopens June 15

In-Person Studio Class Procedures

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Wear a Mask
Mask On

You Are Vaccinated

If you are vaccinated, you are free to practice without a mask.

Mask On

You Are Not Vaccinated

If you are unvaccinated, you are required by California to wear a mask when practicing yoga inside the studio.

Per California's Department of Public Health, we will rely on "self-attesting" for vaccination status.  By removing your mask upon entry, you are telling us that you are vaccinated.

If you choose to share your vaccine card with us, we will upload it to your account.

Fully vaccinated means you are two weeks past your last vaccine shot, whether it's a one-dose or two-dose kind.

You always have the option to wear your mask, regardless of your vaccination status.

We will revisit this policy as needed.

Other Changes

Sign-up for classes up to a month ahead of time.

You do not have to pre-register for classes, though it's encouraged.

Doors open 20 minutes before class.

Capacity restrictions have been removed.

Live-Stream Classes Continue

No more Social Distancing

Increased Ventilation Will Continue

Front Desk Check In

Sign a new COVID-19 Liability Waiver by clicking here.

Nor Cal
Ceiling Filter


Air circulation, and more importantly, fresh air, is important when addressing COVID-19.  We brought NorCal Mechanical out to look at our HVAC system on June 15, 2020.  He said we surpass the requirement of 200 cfm per 1500 sq ft because we have 200 cfm per 1800 sq ft.  What that means for you is we have more fresh air coming in and the room air is entirely changed over every 60 minutes.

We will also regularly open the doors during class to provide additional air changes.  We decide this based on a CO2 monitor that constantly surveys the air quality in the room.

In between classes we vent the room and change over the air again.  It takes us 2 minutes to completely change over the air so you are always walking into a fresh room.

We also upgraded our filters to those that filter out viruses.