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Teacher Training Curriculum

Yoga Teacher Training Sacramento


Our innovative curriculum moves beyond merely teaching content to explore what’s possible in the practice of yoga.


Study the classical postures in the text that defined them.


Understand the different approaches and their effects.


How you use this powerful technique to change your mind.


What mediation is and how you use it, on and off the mat.


How to think critically about anatomy as applied to yoga


How to safely connect through touch to support others.

Philosophy & History

What yoga is as drawn from the primary texts.  How it came about and evolved?  An exploration of the significant periods of yogic thought and how can you take these insights back into your practice?

Experiential Themes

How you create a cohesive experience.


How you weave narrative and a throughline in class.


Understand the role of the teacher, power dynamics, consent, and other considerations.

Business of yoga

Explore the path of teaching.

Teaching Skills

Learn the various skills teachers employ to effect change.

Every Weekend

  •     Variety of yoga practices
  •     Teaching practice
  •     Introspection
  •     Feedback
  •     Small steps | consistent effort
  •     You can do this.

You’ll learn through repetition.  Concepts build.  There is a lot to learn and what makes the difference is putting it to use.

You’ll be challenged, physically, mentally and emotionally.  And you’ll find the challenge comes from within you.  This is the hardest work most people have ever done for it’s a different kind of work—loving yourself. 

Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Standards

New yoga alliance 200 standards

These are the new yoga alliance 200 hour standards that take full effect for all schools in February 2022.  The remaining 15 hours are elective, which must fall into the above core curriculum categories.

What You Get

  • You’ll be forever changed and empowered. 

  • You’ll learn to own your life and face the things that you fear or have been holding you back with confidence, kindness, and love.

  • You’ll discover what drives your actions and how to make real lasting change for the better.

  • You’ll be in an incredibly safe and supportive environment.

  • You’ll have a practice you can rely on throughout life’s ups and downs. 


"I gained an appreciation for yoga that goes well beyond the poses and grew in ways I never would have expected.  I experienced the value of genuinely paying attention to what is inside my heart."

Madeline Berghoff

"I have never enjoyed training for something this much.  I have looked forward to every moment with Kate, knowing from early on that it would never be boring or superficial and that there would be many challenges that would take us out of our comfort zone and make us see how much more we were capable of than we thought."

Suzi Aldwinckle

"To say that the Teacher Training at One Flow was transformative is a huge understatement.  I thought I would be learning about yoga postures, but I learned so much more...about myself.  I learned I have been sitting back and observing life, rather than actually participating in it.  The gratitude that I feel for all that Kate gave to me will always be endless.  

Christina Airola

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