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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials One Flow Yoga Sacramento

Taking teacher training at One Flow helped me face my fears and insecurities and allowed me to grow into a more confident and stable person.  I had decades worth of wall built up around myself and this training allowed me to walk right through them. 

My Biggest Ah-ha of teacher training—The absolute influence and presence of EGO.  I learned how very, very important it is to practice DAILY.  Teachers always said that, but until I felt it for myself I just never knew.  Leading with your heart…it’s a different world.  I learned to soften and not push.  As a person who resists going too deep, it helped me uncover a lot of things in the most kind, loving and accepting of ways.  It was probably the safest I’ve ever felt emotionally, so being vulnerable was not scary. 

You’re never too old to change your life path and take teacher training.  I am more balanced, stronger and flexible but not in my body as much as in my head and heart.  I learned things I have no anticipation of coming away with when I started. 

 I know it (teacher training) helped me be a better person, son, teacher, friend, and co-worker.  I have been able to practice yoga more consistently off the mat due to this training.  This teacher training can deepen a person’s practice in so many ways that must be experienced first hand. The relationships made during the practice are amazingly huge. Those relationships with others and self will continue to serve throughout this lifetime.  I am so grateful.  

Through this teacher training I have began to actually see my students.   Instead of teaching a “one-size-fits-all” flow, I have learned to look at the students and intuitively see what they need and tailor the class to that.  Because of this epxerience I see yoga as a way to get into my body and feel out what is going on with me.  It is more of a moving meditation and less of a vehicle to burn calories.  Having rock hard thighs is not going to make me a more well rounded person or more likeable or grounded.  Actually allowing myself to feel something and deal with what is coming up for me will help me to show up fully.  I feel this experience left me feeling empowered and fully able to go out and teach a class with confidence. (In the teacher training I took prior to this one, I left that training feeling like I had no business being a yoga teacher.)  Thank you Kate.  

For the very first time in a very long time I see the positive in my life.  I realized it is ok to just be me—flaws and all.  There is so much freedom in just being myself.  I am now able to see “easy” now in my life.  Before it used to be all “hard”, but now I know I have a choice.  I know try to have kindness and compassion for everyone.  Everyone!

I would DEFINITELY recommend this training.  Be prepared to be uncomfortable, but also be prepared to feel support and love from the people around you.  The word that most comes to mind is FEEL. I didn’t like it sometimes, but I now look back and smile because it was an awesome experience.  <3

Teaching has been challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. YES I would do it again, because I have had the opportunity to be seen by others in a safe space which has made it easier to be me in uncomfortable situations and my practice has become MUCH stronger with more purpose.

Teacher training has brought me awareness in that everything I do, say, think, am makes a difference in my life and in the lives of others. I’m more confident and open with myself and others but mostly I am learning that acceptance is the key. I would recommend taking teacher training at One Flow if you are looking to bring more awareness to yourself and your body spiritually and physically.  I would recommend it if you struggle with low self esteem.  I would recommend it if you want to make a difference for others whether you teach yoga or not.  I would recommend it if you want to create and express yourself.