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Recorded online video

Online Yoga Teacher Training Live vs Recorded

By Kate Saal | August 5, 2020

During the time of COVID, more teacher trainings are moving online, and specifically, teaching online recorded teacher training. This brings up questions. Is online yoga teacher training worth it? Underlying that question is, “Does online yoga teacher training work?” Which brings up the bigger question of the effectiveness of online education in general. And it’s…

Air goes in the lungs Ujjayi

Ujjayi Pranayama Breathing 101

By Kate Saal | January 2, 2020

Ujjayi breath is the most common type of breathing exercise we do in yoga, yet it’s often misunderstood, taught incorrectly, and comes with several false suspect claims.   AND it’s worth exploring because it does have some real benefits and can absolutely help you find the calm and relaxation you were promised when you started yoga.  …

yoga teacher pay

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Earn

By Kate Saal | December 23, 2019

How much do yoga teachers earn? How much do yoga instructors make? If you are asking the question, then you are probably trying to decide if becoming a yoga teacher is worth it financially. Will you be able to pay your bills and eat while you are sharing bliss with the world? Consider this to…

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

By Kate Saal | August 2, 2019

You’ve decided you want to become a yoga teacher, or you’re investigating the possibility and want to know what’s involved. You’ve come to the right place. Quick note, this piece is not about whether it’s a good idea or not for you to take a teacher training program.  For more on the reasons people specifically…

Power Yoga

What is Power Yoga? And why should you care?

By Kate Saal | February 28, 2019

Power Yoga.  Even if you never heard of it, odds are it’s affecting the way you think about and practice yoga.  Why?  Because it’s popular and athletic—the very definition of modern yoga.  It’s worth understanding Power Yoga because even though it’s one of the most prolific forms of yoga in the United States, it can…

Vinyasa Yoga Flowing

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

By Kate Saal | February 19, 2019

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.  Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, it is sometimes confused with “power yoga“. Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike.  The opposite would be “fixed forms”…

How Yoga Can Make Your Life Better in 30 Days

By Kate Saal | January 4, 2019

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  Lao Tzu. Today we’re going to reveal the one thing you need to know to tap into the hidden power of yoga.  Use this, and you supercharge yoga’s ability to make your life better in 30 days. We’ll also explore the common obstacles in doing…

Real Work of Yoga

The Real Work of Yoga

By Kate Saal | October 25, 2018

To many, yoga seems like a physical endeavor.  We do yoga postures, sun salutations and all things hamstring related.   It’s easy to see how someone would get the idea that yoga is about the physical.  Couple that with our culture of fitness and approach to movement which involves personal bests and winning.  We love to…

Yoga Makes You Stronger

Three Ways Yoga Makes You Stronger

By Kate Saal | October 18, 2018

There’s a common misperception of yoga as a practice for flexibility.  Rarely do the terms yoga and strength training come up together.  However, they should because yoga is a wonderful practice to get stronger, and not just physically.  There are at least three ways yoga makes you stronger, and we’ll address all three, physical, mental…

The One Thing Great Yoga Teachers Do

The One Thing Great Yoga Teachers Do

By Kate Saal | September 13, 2018

What does being a great yoga teacher look like? There are as many answers to that as there are people taking yoga classes.  Google “What Makes a Great Teacher,” and you get lists of things that great yoga teachers do, such as, “introduces themselves to new students,” or qualities they have that are reminiscent of…