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Yoga by the Numbers

10 Years to give the practice when learning

3 Years to practice with a teacher before doing your own home practice

1-2 Times to practice weekly, when first starting, to build strength and flexibility

20.8 Million Number of people who practice yoga in the United States

44.4 Percentage of Americans who aspire to try yoga

38.4 Percentage of current yoga practitioners in the U.S. who have practiced a year or less

1 Number of moments it takes to realize this is a transformational practice

4-6 Days recommended to practice yoga, per week, as a “regular, consistent practice”

8.4 million Number of mythical yoga postures said to exist

1  Number of postures that first existed—”asana”, seated posture

1350 Postures Catalogued by Sri Dharma Mittra as an act of devotion when he was 45

1966 Publication year of “Light on Yoga”, the go-to yoga guide on asana

10 Years of experience—minimum—to look for in a teacher leading a teacher training

5 Years it takes to return to the practice after you have children

6 Average number of weeks it takes to notice old habits returning if you stop the practice

1 Breaths it takes to reach enlightenment (it takes decades to prepare for that 1 breath)

100 Years the modern practice has been around

5000 Years yoga is said to be in existence (give or take 3000 years)

108 Beads on a Traditional Mala—Also a sacred number in Yoga

4 Syllables associated with Aum—Ahhhh Ooooo Mmmmm and silence

196 Verses in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

1 in thousands Seek the path of Yoga according to the Bhagavad Gita

The Fastest Way to Learn Yoga

Kate Saal

Kate Saal, yoga teacher and educator founded One Flow Yoga® in 2010. She teaches students how to build a modern yoga practice rooted in tradition. Known as a practical, inspiring guide, she shares how to live in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

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