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Apple the fruit of your action

How Yoga Can Make Your Life Better in 30 Days

By Kate Saal / January 4, 2019

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  Lao Tzu. Today we’re going to reveal the one thing you need to know to tap into the hidden power of yoga.  Use this, and you supercharge yoga’s ability to make your life better in 30 days. We’ll also explore the common obstacles in doing…

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War Horse

The Meaning of Yoga

By Kate Saal / March 8, 2018

Quick, picture yoga Thanks for playing along. What did you come up with? I’m betting you chose either a yoga pose or pants. It always comes back to pants. Now imagine you are “doing yoga?” Where are you and what are you doing? Again, a yoga posture was probably involved, and a “yoga mat,” and…

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Yoga is a mirror

Yoga Is a Mirror, and so is Everything Else You Do

By Kate Saal / August 9, 2017

Yoga is a mirror.  It has the ability to show you—you.  But then again, so does everything else you do.  So what’s so special about yoga? Of all of the way too many yoga tropes, this is one I resonate with for it reveals the power of what yoga can really do. It can allow us…

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Yoga for mental strength

Yoga for Mental Strength

By Kate Saal / July 15, 2017

What would you do in life if you could handle any challenge along the way? Just imagine. How we deal with things falls under the topic of mental strength.  It speaks to our ability to deal with fear, doubt and insecurity with courage, confidence and kindness. It is a skill you can develop and yoga…

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Dirty Laundry on Yoga

Does Anyone Need Yoga?

By Kate Saal / July 3, 2016

  Ask people why they practice yoga and you’ll hear a couple of recurring themes: To get more flexible To build, strength, flexibility and endurance To maintain a healthy lifestyle To reduce stress Yes, you’ll absolutely get those with the practice, but they are a gift with purchase.  They are fringe benefits like the box…

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Star Wars Books

10 Things Star Wars Can Teach You About Yoga

By Kate Saal / December 17, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens up December 18, and I’m beyond excited. Though camping out to be first in line was not an option for me, I have read several articles on why a film made almost 40 years ago, endures.   [Quick note, among reviewers, and I agree, the favorite episode is “The Empire…

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yoga by the numbers

Yoga by the Numbers

By Kate Saal / June 4, 2015

10 Years to give the practice when learning 3 Years to practice with a teacher before doing your own home practice 1-2 Times to practice weekly, when first starting, to build strength and flexibility 20.8 Million Number of people who practice yoga in the United States 44.4 Percentage of Americans who aspire to try yoga…

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Lotus aum symbol

Why Yoga Matters

By Kate Saal / December 12, 2013

  The work of “going within” has tangible benefits in the “real world” because your life is a series of actions that are all based on something that occurs within you.  [In the yoga context, all thoughts, words and actions are actions.] Your life is also a web of relationships.  This is true even if…

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Bikram Yoga

Yoga Philosophy? Not in this class!

By Kate Saal / August 1, 2012

Recently I’ve taken a couple of classes from well-known studio chains—CorePower Yoga and Bikram Yoga. CorePower’s class I took because the bio of the teacher said she just completed her Master’s Degree in Vedic Science and is pursuing a PhD in Asian & Comparative Studies with emphases in Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit.  She also has…

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