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Why Does Yoga Make Me Cry

Why Does Yoga Make Me Cry: Reasons, science & tips

By Kate Saal / June 8, 2021

Based on my personal observation of tens of thousands of students and knowledge of the science involved, crying in yoga is normal. But so is feeling angry, sad, joyous, or any other type of emotion. The true question is, why does yoga make you cry and feel emotional? You cry, get angry, and feel good…

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does yoga build strength

Does Yoga Build Strength

By Kate Saal / March 3, 2021

People view yoga as an activity that can calm your mind and increase your flexibility. You may wonder, can it do more like help you create a lean, toned, and strong body? In other words, does yoga build strength?  Yoga is a strength-based practice. It excels at using your body weight to make you stronger…

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why practice yoga

Why Practice Yoga

By Kate Saal / February 25, 2021

Beyond the benefits of yoga is the bigger question of why people practice yoga?   There is value in the practice of yoga itself and three other reasons. First, we practice yoga to understand and gain insight. Second, it takes practice to make a change that sticks. And third, the practice of yoga can help you…

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yoga prevent injury

How Can Yoga Prevent Injury

By Kate Saal / February 12, 2021

One yoga benefit of yoga rarely explored is the role it plays in injury prevention. That may not seem intuitive, given the focus we put on its mind-body aspects. But this discussion can help athletes or anyone who has a body, so it’s worth asking, “how can yoga prevent injury.”   Quality How It Helps Prevent…

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Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga: Better, Stronger, Faster

By Kate Saal / October 9, 2020

How can you use the benefits of yoga? Take Steve Austin, astronaut. “A man barely alive…we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make him the world’s first bionic man a yogi. Better than he was before. Better. Stronger. Faster.” The 1970s’ Six Million Dollar Man notwithstanding, yoga has the…

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War Horse

The Meaning of Yoga

By Kate Saal / March 8, 2018

Quick, picture yoga Thanks for playing along. What did you come up with? I’m betting you chose either a yoga pose or pants. It always comes back to pants. Now imagine you are “doing yoga?” Where are you and what are you doing? Again, a yoga posture was probably involved, and a “yoga mat,” and…

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Biggest benefit of yoga

The Biggest Benefit of Yoga No One Talks About

By Kate Saal / December 15, 2017

You’re a person who likes to know the value of things so you ask, “What are the benefits of yoga?” And it’s a fair question. You should know what you’re getting in exchange for the time and effort you’re putting into practice.   When people talk about benefits they usually make lists and speak in…

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