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Yoga as a Skillful, Moving Meditation

By Kate Saal / December 8, 2017

The idea of yoga as a skill, or as a moving meditation, isn’t novel, but it’s a lot to unpack. But understanding each element is key to knowing how to use the practice to become stronger, calmer and more relaxed. WARNING: I’m going to use the idea of yoga in multiple ways. They are accurate…

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Yoga Can Help in the Most Difficult Life Situations

By Kate Saal / February 8, 2011

William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility near Birmingham is home to Alabama’s most violent prisoners.  In fact a third of this prison population will most likely call it home for the rest of their lives.  To call it a challenging place to live is an understatement.  It is named for an officer killed there in 1990.…

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