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The One Thing Great Yoga Teachers Do

By Kate Saal / September 13, 2018

What does being a great yoga teacher look like? There are as many answers to that as there are people taking yoga classes.  Google “What Makes a Great Teacher,” and you get lists of things that great yoga teachers do, such as, “introduces themselves to new students,” or qualities they have that are reminiscent of…

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What Makes the Perfect Yoga Teacher Training

By Kate Saal / August 8, 2016

Every year thousands of people sign up for teacher training without any investigation. With the cost of a program valued between $2500-$4500, that’s a big leap of faith. So how to find the right yoga teacher training, at least the right one for you? Rather than focusing on perfection, it makes more sense to know…

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The 3 Greatest Myths of Yoga Teacher Training

By Kate Saal / June 19, 2015

Can you imagine yourself taking a teacher training? No. Perhaps that’s because you think it’s about teaching yoga. What if it was really about something else—about you? Here are the 3 greatest myths and misconceptions about teacher training. Myth #1 Teacher Training is About Teaching Yoga If you’ve practiced yoga for even a brief period of…

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