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Questions to Ask of Any Teacher Training You are Considering

Yoga is very specific thing that comes from a body of texts collectively known as the yoga sastra.  

Within yoga, there are many different schools of thought and each will have a slightly different take or viewpoint.  Yet, all pass through the major texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita.  

It's surprising how many programs and teachers do not read these because they form the basis of yoga philosophy.  

At One Flow Yoga we study the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Upanishads.  The texts help us to frame a coherent yoga philosophy and both learn and teach from a place of substance.  We feel this is critical because the philosophy informs the practice.   

Sequencing can be thought of as the way the class is put together.  It is the structure that gives a class logic and focus.  Thoughtful sequencing is soothing.  It tells a story and makes sense in your body.  

The opposite of that is randomness which feels like a bunch of postures thrown together.  This is jarring to your nervous system.  

The other option a lot of programs choose to offer is a script. You learn one class.  This has the advantage of allowing a program to teach a lot of people quickly, but limits your understanding of how to build your own sequences later on.  

To sequence well, whether for a class or your own personal practice, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the asana and study functional anatomy.  From there, sequencing choices are based on what your goals are for the practice.

One Flow Yoga is known for having creative, intelligent sequencing.  It stems from having an understanding of the various factors in sequencing and how they combine to create different effects and outcomes. 

Smaller programs allow for more personal attention.  

At One Flow Yoga we limit the attendance of teaching training.  You benefit by having more opportunities to participate, receiving more feedback and making rich connections with everyone in the program. 

Putting what you learn into practice happens through practice teaching.  Like any skill, deliberate practice takes time.  

The Yoga Alliance gives us the option to put the remaining 15 required hours where we deem appropriate and we put them all towards practice teaching.  You teach from night one. 

To be able to lead a 200-hour teacher training, a lead teacher must have taught for a minimum of two years and 1000 hours, according to the Yoga Alliance.  That is not a lot of time.  

We suggest you look for teachers who:

  • Have taught for at least 10 years
  • Have over 3000 hours teaching experience
  • Teach regular classes weekly

There are different phases to being a teacher.  The first couple of years you are simply trying to learn your craft and put different concepts into practice.  

Yoga Teacher Training is led by Kate, founder of One Flow Yoga.  She has been practicing since 1995, teaching since 2005 and has over 8500+hours of teaching experience.  Additionally, she’s taught tens of thousands of students and 9 teacher trainings.  She is thoughtful, supportive, loving and kind in her approach to teaching as she knows how vulnerable, and utterly transformative, it can be.   

Learning to teach is challenging.  It takes courage to be able to stand in front of a group of others and lead.  The best teacher training programs recognize this and work to create a safe and supportive environment.  

You can get a sense of this by taking classes with the lead teachers.  How are they in class?  Are they kind and supportive or do they try to push you?  How are the other people in the room?  Can you imagine yourself going through challenging times with them?  

The teaching environment of One Flow Yoga is "safe, supportive and loving".  These are the words our graduates consistently use to describe their experience. 

Shorter programs may work better for your schedule but do not give you a lot of time to digest all of the content a rigorous program offers.  Look for a program that gives you time to process and apply what is being taught.  

The One Flow Yoga teaching training is a nine-weekend program distributed over four months.  It is paced to give you time to absorb the teaching and requires that you stay focused. 

Homework varies from readings to practice teaching to meditation.   

At One Flow students spend 5 hours, on average, on homework per week of training.

Talk with, or take a class with, a recent graduate of the program you are considering.  Notice how they are as a teacher.  Do they sound confident and relaxed?  What was their training experience like?  Would they recommend the program and if so, why?  

The teachers at One Flow Yoga teach with love and skill.  They work hard on their craft and are deliberate and conscious about the choices they make.  They embody taking care of others and holding space.  And they all sound different—like themselves.

The Yoga Alliance acts as a trade group for yoga.  It provides an industry-recognized registration process for students who complete an approved program.  This is the standard most yoga studios look for when considering teaching candidates.  

The One Flow Yoga® Teacher Training is an approved 200-Hr Yoga Alliance program.  Graduates receive a certificate of completion that they can use to register with the Yoga Alliance.  

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